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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ACIMA CREDIT? 

A: ACIMA CREDIT is a leasing finance institution, Offering the opportunity for one to purchase with us today while deferring your balance into small and affordable payments. 

If approved you will be given a credit of $250-5,000, You only pay $70 today and have 90-days to pay the remaining balance. 


Q: What do you currently offer ACIMA CREDIT on?

A: All orders over $150+ qualify to be financed with our ACIMA option

Q: What are the requirements to qualify?

A:  To qualify you must:

  1. Have an state ID or DL
  2. Be 18+ and have an ACTIVE CHECKING ACCOUNT
  3. Please note: Prepaid/Fintech banks are NOT accepted examples such as Chime Bank, NoVo, NetSpend, DirectXpress, CashApp, etc..are NOT accepted. 
  4. Receive at minimum $1,000+ month in deposits. (Any income from jobs, self-employment, benefits...All of that qualifies toward the deposit requirements).
  5. This is a PERSONAL lease agreement, Business EIN's, Checking Accounts CANNOT be used for this application

Q: How do you apply for ACIMA CREDIT? 

A: Click the banner-link above and it will redirect you to complete our finance application. Once approved comeback and submit your order with the payment status "Approved for Snap Finance" at checkout. Or click-here

Q: Do you pull credit?

A: A soft-inquiry is done, However your approval does not reflect based on your Credit-Score...If your in Bankruptcy Proceedings it is ok. However you must NOT have any active credit-freezes at the time of applying. 

Q: What is the turn-around time on approvals?

A: If done online, A decision is made instantly 

We assist with processing ACIMA-Applications daily Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm CST.

If you would like to expedite your application. Call our office and ask to speak with Daniel or Gabby - ACIMA Finance Specialist 

Q: What are the down payments and bi-weekly payments?

A: The down payments once approved is $70.00, you can pay more upfront if you'd like...However it is NOT required. The payment frequency depends upon your paydates, It will be outlined in the lease-agreement prior to signing. 

Q: What is the cost to finance via ACIMA?

A: Financing via ACIMA is simple. And the fee's are simple. The initial $70 is the cost of the application, then your offered Cash, Buyout, and Long-Term lease options...The cost of ownership vary depending upon how-long you take to payoff your items. 

Want to save? Pay-Off the 90-day mark or before. 

 - - - - - 

Legal Disclaimer: 

Work At-Home Equipment Solutions LLC is not a lender, or financial institution. We do not offer set rates or are market-regulated. We are simply a merchant-approved to offer ACIMA CREDIT a fin-tech product.