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IBO Service Partner Contracts by Girlicity
IBO Service Partner Contracts by Girlicity

IBO Service Partner Contracts by Girlicity

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Recently Joined the Arise Platform as an IBO/Service Partner? 

Do you intend to recruit & service 1099-Agents under your LLC? 

If yes to the questions above, It's important you have the correct contracts in place to protect your business and set clear expectations for prospective agents being onboarded to your call-center. 

We have partnered with Girlicity who's been an Arise Service Partner since 2013 and a Premier Partner since 2014. Girlicity has over 11,000 agents with over 250 servicing clients. They have worked hard to get rock solid contract packages that are editable to serve your business & agent needs. 

What comes in the Arise full document package?

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)
  2. Certification SOW
  3. Production SOW
  4. Self Termination Form
  5. Client Termination Form
  6. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  7. Official SOW Amendment Form
  8. PUC/LOIE Compliance addition for the Arise Texas client
  9. HIPAA Compliance addition for the Medical client
  10. Video tutorial over an hour long! 

It is a known issue that some IBO’s, have had to fight to maintain that their agents are in fact Independent Contractors. Girlicity team has done the research. They are making sure contracts not only follow but address every single item that both the IRS and the DOL for every state looks at when making the determination of IC status.

Protect your business and have the correct agreements in place, and most importantly Follow them and stay-informed. Now more then ever, its imperative to "practice what you preach" as Gig Work continues to evolve over the years so does policy surrounding this structure. 

Girlicity & WAHES would like to provide you a "Welcome Offer" to save on your contract-packages.

Click here and be redirected to Girlicity website, their enter Password: WAHES & access our special pricing negotiated just for you!  

Or "Add to Cart" on our website and you will receive a digital download with a link and instructions to access the various packages and pricing available.