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Reuse or Recycle?

What is e waste?

Electronic waste is an electronic product and or equipment that is near the end of its useful life. This can include phones, computers, televisions, printers, scanners, VCRs, and more! 

How can I help prevent e waste?

Before you purchase an electronic device or equipment, consider a few things.. First, the life expectancy of said item. Even if you will not be using the item the entire time, it doesn't become waste until it hits the landfill, and that’s what we try to avoid. Second, does it have a high value? If an item has a high value, it is less likely to end up in the trash if somebody else wants it. Thirdly, if you are shopping for TVs, washers, heaters, etc make sure it has the Energy Star label. Not only is this better for the environment but you’ll love what an energy efficient appliance will do to your electricity bill!


What should I do with my electronics when I’m done?

Reuse or recycle! Not only does e waste take up an insane amount of space compared to normal trash, like a cup. But, e waste can be harmful if disposed of improperly. Computers and old televisions can be found full of toxic chemicals like mercury and lead, both of which are dangerous to the human body. Finally, goods created by recyclables require less water, create less pollution, and use less energy. All good things! 

Let’s learn a little about what I mean by reuse or recycle:

The term recycling is most commonly used as an all in phrase for keeping things out of the trash and landfills. While that may work, reusing and recycling are two completely different things! When it comes to computers, part of the process is taking it apart and separating all the inside pieces. The goal here is to find the components that work and reuse them. 

Typical Recycled Computer Parts:

  • power supplies
  • graphics cards
  • hard drives
  • RAM

Obviously, the most logical thing to do when your computer breaks or you find you are no longer using it is to sell or donate to someone. Even if you feel the computer is worthless the parts on the inside might just be worth a whole lot to someone else. A skilled professional, like all of our team members, is able to determine and remove all working parts and then the rest goes to the recycler. 

When E Waste is not reusable it is susceptible to the recycling process. Almost all parts of a computer are able to be recycled instead of wasted, pretty cool huh! That doesn’t make it a simple process however. There are many different components to a computer this means that there are multiple recycling categories the parts of the computer go to. The recyclable pieces will go to a smelter who will shred and melt down the pieces. After this is complete the raw materials will be able to be used again.If you’re in the area we recommend Upcycle Tech Foundation. They reuse as much as they possibly can. Not only does it help produce more computers and equipment available for purchase, it keeps the footprint that much smaller. As a computer recycler it should be their mission to give life back to donations. With their donations they give back to their community in Tulsa and to work at home agents across the country. 

We hope that once you are finished with your PC, you choose to sell or donate as seen fit. Together we can keep our landfills clean of E Waste.

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