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WAHES Guides & Technical Resources|Videos

We understand the confusion equipment can cause. Various cables, multiple-monitors...We get it, it's a lot. 

Please review below our updated WAHES Desktop Set-Up Guide: 


This guide (Upd. May/2021) will serve customers with getting desktop bundles set-up, how to connect via ethernet cable, driver updating, dual-screen setup and more. We aim to serve, thus if you have questions not answered here please contact our support team. 


Arise Equipment Policies & Requirements; 

Updated 03/2024 - Click the link below


Make Note: i3-9000's are NO LONGER SUPPORTED 
Additionally: No Chromebooks, Mac OS or NetBooks. 

*Please note these are suggestions-and not warrant or guarantee fixes. It is always better to consult a Tech Professional prior to attempting any major hardware changes or repairs thus eliminating potential software corruption.