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Stay Organized While Working At Home

Working at home for sure has its perks, but it can also come with disadvantages with organization being one of them. No shock that mixing your household life with your work life can cause a messy disaster.

Is that a snack for you and the dog on your desk.. From yesterday? Let’s get this figured out for ya..

Keep A To-Do List Or Use A Project Management Program

I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists, I can remember having them ever since for almost everything! School, housework, work tasks, you name it, there’s probably been a list!

OR if you prefer paperless, try a Project Management Program, like our favorite Trello! 

Having these lists in an actual visible list and not a mental list, can take a huge load off of you. 

10 Minute Clean Up At The End Of The Day

A simple practice that can cause a positive impact when you want to stay organized while working at home. 

At the end of the day, take the last 10 minutes to tidy up your workstation (yes, the empty snacks and drinks!) When you return to work the next day, you’ll find it much easier to dive into the more difficult tasks without having things to do before. 

Time-Block Your Day (And Actually Follow It)

If you’re wanting to stay organized while working from home, you should try time blocking your day. By time blocking your schedule, you’re creating dedicated chunks of time to work on particular tasks. 

When following your new schedule, work as hard as you can to complete your tasks in the set time block. If you see that you need more or less time for some tasks, then adjust as needed.

The real secret to staying organized.. Sticking to your schedule! Easier said than done.

Say No To Excess Projects

Time for real talk… 

If your calendar is too full and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you may be saying yes too much! You can also increase your productivity and ease to stay organized by saying no to unnecessary tasks you don’t exactly have time for. 

Create Workflows

Similar to your morning routine (I highly recommend you follow), establishing workflows is an easy way to stay organized while working at home. A workflow is simply a sequence of tasks you follow in order to complete your tasks from start to finish. 

The great thing about workflows is you can create them for virtually anything! + if you ever get the chance to delegate your tasks to others, you already have the step by step instructions to transfer to them. 


Where do you find yourself “being unorganized”

Do you need to make any changes to make things more simple? If so, what?

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