In-house financing, How does it work?


Q: What do we finance?

A: We currently finance Laptops, Tower Only & Desktop bundles at this time. Other additional items and accessories must be purchased in full. 

Q: What are the down payments and bi-weekly payments?

A: Our down payments are 55% of the retail cost for the laptop/dual Monitor bundle, 50% for single monitor bundle, and 45% for towers only. Then the remaining amount is broken into (8) bi-weekly payments ranging $18.99-34.99. These payments will be auto-recurring to your checking/savings account or credit/debit card.

Example: Dual-Monitor Desktop System retail is $499.99. The down payment would be $274.99 (55% of retail cost). And it would be (8) bi-weekly payments of $36.99. Total cost with finance charge: $570.91

Additional Cost:

Late payments are subject to a $5.00 fee if payment is not made by following business day. $3.00 decline fee may be assessed after the 2nd attempt to collect from payment method on file.

Default payments are subject to collections/legal actions may be taken. We also may report default to major credit bureaus. 

Legal Disclaimer: 

Work At-Home Equipment Solutions is a brand of the D&M Virtual Solutions LLC legal entity.