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Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Refurbished GRADE B Desktop CPU Tower ( Microsoft Office and Accessories): Intel i3-2120 @ 3.3 Ghz| 4GB Ram| 250 HDD|Call Center Work from Home|School|Office

Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Refurbished GRADE B Desktop CPU Tower ( Microsoft Office and Accessories): Intel i3-2120 @ 3.3 Ghz| 4GB Ram| 250 HDD|Call Center Work from Home|School|Office

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About Work At-Home Equipment Solutions (WAHES)

If you're looking for a secure, well-performing computer, WAHES is here to help. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we are qualified to refurbish off-lease or pre-owned laptops and computers. Our top priority is to provide you high quality of refurbished computers that will work right out of the box.

Alongside, We back our products with a 60 to 90-Day Warranty included on all parts, labor, and shipping cost as we strive effort to serve you and the rest of our customers with value. To clarify, the unit displayed is stock images used to represent the item. Actual pictures of the product are sent to customers before shipping for quality reference.

Our Refurbishing Process

Extensive testing was performed to ensure full operation and durability. The technicians at WAHES assess three main points in the refurbishing process:

1. Functionality

We work hard to provide you a good user experience. Thus, our refurbished computers are inspected, tested, and deep cleaned by a certified tech specialist to ensure high quality. With the installation of Windows, a new license is provided. The system offers a standard open-source office suite and is originally designed for heavy use in the corporate environment.

2. Cosmetic Quality

Each computer or laptop is thoroughly examined for cleanliness and visual flaws. Because these are refurbished items, we pass through grading them as GRADE A, B, or C depending on their physical condition. (GRADE A indicates that its appearance may almost look good as new or may show minor signs of usage while GRADE B or C warns that the metal and plastic cases will have some scratches, rubbing or obvious wear and tear.)

3. Longevity

Our goal is to test current technology and ensure that the functioning of our refurbished items is as near to that of new products on the market today as possible. They have higher-quality components than you'll find in the typical off-the-shelf retail model. This is a perfect choice for business, home, and school.

                  What’s Included:

                  • 1 x Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Desktop CPU Tower
                  • 1 x Power Cable
                  • 1 x Ethernet Cable

                  Please note: The actual brand of monitor, keyboard, or mouse that is included may vary based on inventory and these may have signs of prior use to qualify as refurbished products.

                  Not Included:

                  • Microsoft Office: Installed Libre Office Only. Microsoft Office requires a Licensed which costs an additional $79.99.
                  • Anti-Virus: We do not pre-install Anti-Virus as Arise will ask to set up Windows Defender which is built-in security within Windows. However, if you would like to download a third party, we suggest AVG. It's a Free & Light-Anti Virus. Do not recommend Mcafee or Norton. Those programs are constantly running 24/7 and heavy in fees and spyware.

                  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

                  Q. What product keys are included with my computer?
                  A. Your computer will include a new Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 COA and a product Serial Number.

                  Q. What accessories are included with the computer?
                  Every computer we sell comes with all the required cables, product licenses, and a set-up guide emailed. Any additional accessories will be listed in the product description. Note, the keyboard and mouse may not be the same brand as the computer.

                  Q. How long will it take to receive my computer?
                  A. You will receive tracking information via email within 1-2 business days of purchase and will be shipped via UPS Ground.

                  Q. Can I change the shipping address after purchase?
                  A. Shipping address cannot be changed after purchase and must be a verified Physical address.

                  Q. What can you tell me about the monitor?
                  A. If a monitor is included, the size of your monitor is measured diagonally and is specified in the product listing. The brand of monitor may not be the same as the brand of computer.

                  Q. What type of computers do we sell?
                  A. We sell off-lease business and education computers that are business class. Business-class computers are meant to last longer than consumer-class computers.